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West Des Moines Digital Maps

Welcome to West Des Moines Digital Maps (WDMaps), the City’s online GIS portal. Our GIS or “Geographic Information System” allows you to interactively search and map many layers of information including addresses, parcels, utilities, land use, crime incidents, aerial photography and much more. Our GIS presents the most up-to-date maps available for West Des Moines.

Below are descriptions and links for all of our GIS applications. Use of the GIS applications is subject to the terms of the GIS Mapping Service Agreement.

Community and Development

The Development Map presents the development activity during the past two years. 

The Zoning Map presents the most up-to-date zoning map information.

Land Use
The Land Use Map presents the latest approved Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Ultimate Street Circulation. 

Parks and Trails
The Parks and Trails Map presents a map of West Des Moines’ existing parks, trails, and greenways.

Municipal Buildings
The Municipal Buildings Map presents all city-owned facilities.

Public Works

Street and Lane Closures
The Street Closures Map presents all current and planned street and lane closures in West Des Moines.

The Utilities Map shows the locations of sanitary and storm sewer utilities. 

The site allows users to search for reported crimes and create reports of crime incidents in West Des Moines.  Click on the help link for additional help.

Crime Alerts
Sign up and receive crime alerts via e-mail.  When a crime occurs in your West Des Moines location, will send you an e-mail with a detailed report telling you exactly what crimes occurred and where they happened.